COVID19 has caused multiple breakdowns with Infectious Outbreak and Equipment Shortages’, ‘The Outbreak and Supply Shortages have generated a need for New Suppliers, New Technology, and better ways for businesses to interact’, ‘One Pass Access is a PRO-Active Collaborative Approach for Clinical Care Providers and Vendor Suppliers to Interact.


ECOSYSTEM of independent businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes working together, sharing their expertise, and bringing their solutions.

THE BEST ENVIRONMENT for Independent Businesses to seamlessly exchange vital business information for faster response times and increased collaboration.

One Pass Access' Ecosystem of Businesses

Each segment relies on the next to provide the supporting resources, products, and services that collaboratively support the industry.

Connecting, Building, Strengthening

One Pass Access connects businesses streamlining processes for better vital business information exchange.

Making it easier for multiple businesses of all types, sizes, and segments to seamlessly connect.
Providing businesses with easy access to shared, “direct from the source” information.
The integrated software for everyone to fully engage regardless of industry segment.


Divided we may fall, TOGETHER WE WILL STAND.

Join the Collaborative Community Network &
Easily Share and Obtain Business Information

Immediate access to "pre-vetted" businesses providing products and/or services.