What is One Pass Access?

One Pass Access is the business relationship management software platform connecting Healthcare Organizations (Clinical Care Provider & Physician Practices) with 3rd Party Organizations (Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Consultants, and Business Affiliates) streamlining the flow of vital business information exchange between the respective parties.

Why was One Pass Access created?

One Pass Access was created to simplify vital business information exchange between Healthcare Organizations and their Contracted Companies that provide products, services, and authorize representatives that support our healthcare delivery system.

How did you get the name One Pass Access?

There has always been an underlying statement regarding “wouldn’t it be great if there was one system everyone could use to share and access different information that everyone needs or why isnt there one place to get the data”

 So, we created the platform and came up with the name One Pass Access.

What is Business Relationship Management?

Business Relationship Management refers to the overall management of any 3rd Party Relationship including Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants, Contractors, and Business Affiliate Partnerships.

What are Business Relationship Management Modules?

Business Relationship Management Software Modules or Tools provide departmental glimpses into Vendor Specific Information that is needed to fulfill their management aspect or role.    One Pass Access offers several integrated modules including Vendor Quality & Compliance, Sourcing & Procurement, Vendor Product Certifications, Specifications, & IFUs, Vendor On-boarding & Representative Verifications, and Location Security Systems.

How does One Pass Access obtain business information from Companies?

We utilize a direct source of information process providing the venue for Companies to control the corporate information, company specialty registrations and certifications, product certifications and specifications, and authorized vetted representatives making the company accountable.  Corporate provided information is seamlessly shared with multiple customers providing a “community based, shared services environment.”

What does "community based, shared services" environment mean?

Healthcare Customers and Vendor Companies are not proprietary to each other.  Healthcare Organizations utilize the same/similar vendors; and Vendors have multiple Healthcare Organization Customers requiring the same static information about the company.

One Pass Access makes it easier for many Healthcare Organizations to view the same/similar Vendor Corporate Information needed for due diligence; and we make it easier for Vendor Companies to upload their information once and it is shared with multiple Healthcare Organizations.

What are the "static types" of information needed from vendor companies?

Without going into too much depth, there is “static information and due diligence” that must be obtained and documented for Federal & CMS Requirements, State & Local Agencies, and Accreditation Organizations.   This becomes a daunting task for Healthcare Organizations.

Do Healthcare Ancillary Services, Long Term Care, and Physician Practices need to adhere to Federal & CMS Requirements?

Yes.  The Federal & CMS Requirements carry-over to Healthcare Organizations and Physician Practices that are funded by Federal programs.

What is a Vendor (Representative) Credentialing Service?

A Vendor (Representative) Credentialing Service reviews and verifies individual representative information that is typically provided or submitted by the individual.

The account belongs to the individual and the information obtained and verified may include:   “Attestation Statement from their Current Employer” regarding Criminal Background Check Verifications, Employer Drug Screening, Employer Product Training, Additional Training Certifications, Personal Immunization Records (PHI), and Exclusion Database Verifications.

Typically, it is up to the individual to keep their account up to date with any changes of employment or other verification changes.   The account is typically good for 1 Year Increments.

Is One Pass Access a Vendor Credentialing Service?

No.  One Pass Access is not a Certified Verification Organization (CVO).  We do not perform Representative Credential Verification Reviews on representative submitted data.

We provide the venue for Vendor Companies’ Human Resources to create, manage, verify, and share their authorized representative information.

Is One Pass Access a viable solution to a Vendor Credentialing Service?

Yes.  When a Healthcare Organization enters into an agreement or contract with a Vendor Company, the agreement outlines the components of Compliance Requirements of the agreement.    Vendor Companies provide authorized representatives to support sales, service, and delivery of the agreement.

One Pass Access provides the platform for the Vendor Company to create, manage, verify, and share their authorized vetted representative profile that request onsite facility access or patient information (demographics).

Does One Pass Access cover 100% of our 3rd Party Vendor Population?

Yes.  Anytime there is a B2B contract or agreement or an individual (representative) is being provided by a Company for a business purpose, One Pass Access provides the platform to ensure the Company Corporate Verifications are completed and the individual is company authorized.