An ECOSYSTEM of co-dependent businesses relying on each other, streamlining vital business information exchange, and increasing B2B transparencies for faster response times of product and service delivery.

Connecting all types of businesses from different industry segments working together and doing their part for a national solution.

One Pass Access

The best environment for HCOs & IDNS, Hospitals, Ancillary Services, LTCs, Physician Practices,  and Vendor Suppliers to exchange vital information required for Federal Requirements, Accreditation Guidelines, Patient Safety Objectives, and Location Security.

One Pass Access seamlessly connects Healthcare Clinical Care Providers, Physician Practices, and Vendor Companies. 

Providing One Pass Access to “Pre-Populated” Information and the Integrated Software Platform for Better Management.

HCOs & IDNs, Hospitals, Ancillary Services, LTCs, and Physicians

We make it easier to access vendor data and provide the integrated software platform for better vendor quality and compliance management.

One Pass Access Software Solutions & Collaborative Community Network

Our collaborative network community and innovative software platform connects the two-sides for easy data flow and management.

Vendors, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Continuum of Care Affiliates

We increase transparency with current and potential customers making it easier to simultaneously share business information.

Not Another “Me Too” Company.

One Pass Access offers a different process, integrated software platform, and community based system achieving better results for both sides of healthcare’s equation…Healthcare Organizations & Vendor Supplier Companies.

Collaborative Network

We connect Healthcare Organizations and their Contracted Vendor Suppliers making it easier to share and manage business information.

Software Solutions

Our Integrated Suite of Business Software provides the platform for business to share and obtain the information that is important to them.

Healthcare Resources

Our innovative approach integrates new resources with industry proven successful programs built for our members.

Software Solutions Addressing Your Needs

Integrated Software

One Pass Access pieces together multiple systems into 1 Platform.


We provide a direct connect platform increasing business transparencies.

Lowers Costs

We lower overall operational costs while increasing efficiencies and productivity.

Return On Investment

Designed for businesses of all sizes we make it easier to manage daily operations.