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Purchasing Connections partners with over 500 provider organizations to achieve beneficial cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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Consultant services offering supply chain management, cost analysis, vendor risk management, security, and emergency preparedness.

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Our healthcare members include all classes of trade. We are part of the Adventist Health System’s aggregation network.


Purchasing Connections is a national consulting company with clients in over 300 locations within 28 states and 5 countries.

We are Certified Sponsor Of Affiliates with Premier Group Purchasing. We deliver excellent service to our clients through our network of partners that enhance our abilities to reach many facets within an organization.

BRM Software Solutions Addressing Your Needs

Corporate Profile

Providers are able to easily search and view essential corporate information…

Products & Services

A platform to market products and services directly to their customers…

Human Resources

Authorized representatives can verify credentials and share with providers…

Integrated CRM

View representative relationships and track activity with customers…


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"Being an early adopter of Beratung allows us to make decisions in-the-moment to manage our costs."

– John Dow, Beratung Enterprise CEO

"The partnership between ABC and Beratung helps make the promise of the Internet of Things."

– Jamie Row, Hi-Tech CEO

"The implementation of Beratung is the start of a massive digital transformation at Snow Peak."

– Janie Dow, Tech Enterprise CEO


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